There is GOD inside me.



The word of God tells us that we are the Temple of the Spirit of God. Remember when we were created and The Lord Himself breathed life into the shell of our bodies? Well since that time all humans carry God inside us

The Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ lives on the inside of us and we carry Him everywhere we go.

The result being that we all have a personal Jesus and He is our personal God. My God.

With Him in us we carry the Godlike person wherever we go whether we acknowledge this or not.

The God like persona includes

  1. Love : Our God is love, we have love inside us and it is so easy to love. We all simply crave love from others because love is in our nature.
  2. Joy: As a result of His love we have JOY always it’s like being high on love and being tipsy with joy. Joy is a consequence of consuming or having love within us.
  3. Peace: like Jesus is the Prince of Peace we are Princes and princesses of peace and must let peace be in and around us.
  4. Patience: The ability to wait and not complain while we wait. Or better still the ability to not jump the cue but wait for our turn. It’s Jesus in us
  5. Kindness: Just not being mean to others. Not bullying others with words or actions.
  6. Goodness : Always think and do right!
  7. Faithfulness : Never cheat!
  8. Gentleness : I say this is being ladylike or gentlemanly in our thoughts and actions.
  9. Self-control : Hold and keep ourself from eeeevil. P

All these flows from the God inside us. We may of our own mind not be able to exhibit these Godlike qualities but the acknowledgement and acceptance of the God in us makes it easy for it to flow into us daily. But it’s in there always.

The ability of God to be inside every individual at the very same time is possible because of His omnipresent quality. He is God Almighty.

To me this is a great feat but then again He gave life to everyman to reproduce Himself so He definitely is able to Install Himself in every man.

It’s amazing that while He was breathing into Adam we were all inside the loins of Adam. At the time He knew each human that will ever be, our total number, each individual face, character, attributes and differences.

How then is it that we all do not operate in the power of God within us?

The power works within us to the extent of the relationship we form with the Lord in us and the Knowledge of God that we have. We have heard of extraordinary men who did amazing things by the power of God and yet some of us have been serving God and not been able to do simple things, infact we find it very hard to do simple things like praying.

We simply need to Know Jesus and the power that He has and then we can latch on to that power and make use of them. We know Jesus and imitate His behaviour and responses and we find it easy to bear the fruits of the spirit.

We get to know Him by studying the word. Not just reading the physical word but thinking about each verse to know the meaning both the simple and obvious meaning and the not so obvious meanings. 

When we know Him, worshiping Him becomes a thing we crave. I have this experience everytime I go into worship and I just begin to cry. Trust me it is such a high for me everytime but also a bit embarrassing when everyone is singing and you are busy bawling but it’s an amazing experience and I crave it.

The reason the tears come is because I get so overwhelmed by all that I know of Him or what the song is saying about Him. The meaning of the song gives me more knowledge of Him. I thank God for this.

We are all alive in His mighty loins the Bible tells us that all things were made through Him (John 1:3). And of course it is in Him that we live and breath and have our being. (Act 17:28). We are His offspring.

Another amazing fact! we are extraordinary through Him. When He gives us ideas that gives birth to great innovations, or when we prophesy about the future through Him who drop the ideas in our minds or when we pray and our prayer changes the course of great things.

It is all as a result of Him being in us. More perks of Him in us is we take on His beauty and perfection just like Moses did when he spent 40 days and nights in the presence of God, he took on God’s luminance so much that he had to cover his face with a veil. (Exodus 34: 29-35).

We can talk to Him all the time. And He will answer. Don’t be surprise when it seems like you were answered with a voice that sounds pretty much like you. You are Him so He answers with a you of Him voice.

I love speaking to Him He Says amazing things which I am sure there is no way I made up this kind of knowledge on my own. He reveals them to me.

Try it! He is there. Just close your eyes and keep all  thoughts away, let go of yourself, when you have achieved that quite, say Hello Jesus! Pls try it. And let’s share our experiences. And trust me it’s worth a try. His presence is addicting.


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